We try to stay up on trends here at Vetstreet. Cat names? We've got 'em. Products? We're all over it.

The same thing goes for Internet fads, so when Mutt Muggin' and Banana for Scale showed up on Buzzfeed, my fellow editors agreed that we had to give it a try. Happily, I had all the necessary ingredients for both — dogs, a cat, bananas and mugs.

Mutt Muggin'

The concept is simple. You just need a mug and a mutt. (Don't worry, your pedigreed pooch can take part too.) Then, it's just a matter of positioning your mug in a way that it looks like your pup is in the cup.

Dogs and mugs

(OK, fine. It sounds easy. In reality, I had to take about 30 pictures of Rudi and Hollie to get these. But it's totally worth it, right?)

Banana for Scale

This one seemed even easier. Just find an animal, put a banana near it, and snap away. Only problem is, my cat, Trixie, was cooperating about as well as she did for our last joint venture.

cat and banana

So, I found a participant who was much more willing. Especially once she realized that, after posing, she got to snack on some banana. If you ever need to find your way to Rudi's heart, this is it. (Peanut butter also cuts a pretty clear trail.)

dog and banana

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