The Shedd's baby beluga swims alongside her mom, Mauyak.

The Shedd Aquarium is ready to paint the town pink for its baby white whale.

The Chicago aquarium announced that its 2-month-old beluga whale is a girl — and she’ll be ready to meet her adoring public for the first time on Friday.

“In just two months, the calf has gained weight and reached significant milestones, including bonding with mom, nursing and meeting all of the other belugas,” said Ken Ramirez, Shedd’s executive vice president of animal care and training. “While she continues to thrive, this initial development phase is always a critical time for any calf, so our animal care and animal health teams will continue to monitor her around the clock.”

The 5-foot-long, 205-pound calf was born to mom Mauyak on Aug. 27, and is gaining 12 to 15 pounds each week, while nursing for her mom for an efficient 20 minutes each day.

The calf, who’s shedding her gray-shaded baby skin to become a creamy white, likes to play. She’s been spotted playing with stray pieces of fish that her mom drops, and will approach trainers in the water for a good tongue tickle or pat on the head.

The baby still has lots of growing to do to catch up to mom, who tips the scales at 1,200 pounds.