If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a vet, or if you have a child who does, here’s your chance to give it a try — virtually.

The American Veterinary Medical Association has launched a new game for kids in grades 4 to 8 (or any animal lover, really) to learn about veterinary medicine.

In the game, which you can play on your computer or on a tablet with an app you can download, you start out in training in Level 1, and work your way up to be chief vet at an AVMA hospital.

AVMA's animal hospital video game

You’re timed at each level as you try to take care of all of the animals in the waiting room (which includes dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs and turtles), making a diagnosis and determining treatment after reading up on the pet’s symptoms.

First, let’s disclose that we adore the cheery music so much that we’re thinking we’d like to hear it at our own vets’ offices.

And the folks at Vetstreet’s offices may have become addicted to this game, but we’re not admitting anything. What we can say for sure is that you can get wrapped up in playing it rather intensely and for a long time. And it’s not easy!

Vetstreet also tapped a 5th grade animal lover to test out the game. "I liked when you got to figure out what was wrong with the animal and then help it get better," she said in an email. (She added, "P.S., thank you for sending me that awesome game!!")

Our only complaints are that we wish the receptionist would move a little faster so we could get to more patients more quickly (sorry to blame you, receptionist), and we wish we could save our work and return to get to the next level.

But we now have even more of an appreciation for the time and dedication it takes to become chief veterinarian!