Jimmy Fallon's puppy, Gary

Last year, comedian Jimmy Fallon was giddy about the young love in his life, his Golden Retriever puppy Gary.

Now, the Late Night host is bursting with excitement about his 3-week-old baby girl, Winnie Rose.

Fallon recently tweeted this photo of Gary lying sadly beside what looks like a baby basket with the caption: “I’ll always love you Gary." It left some people wondering if Gary was feeling depressed about the attention her new sister was getting, reported People Pets.

But Dad quickly cleared up any confusion by sharing a photo of Gary contently floating in the pool. “Sorry for any confusion,” he wrote. “My dog is happy and healthy and just taking care of her little sister.”

Apparently there’s plenty of love to go around for the two little girls in this family!

(If you need any tips on introducing your dog to your baby, you can find them here.)