Really, who could say no to a kitten?

That’s one reason Ryan Bentley decided to involve a rescue kitty in his marriage proposal to Emily Beckett, his girlfriend of three years.

“I just thought it would be a good idea to have something memorable with the proposal that we’d be able to keep and love,” Bentley told ABC News. “Plus, I had to make sure she was going to say yes.”

With the help of his girlfriend’s mom, Bentley searched local shelters to find the perfect kitten for Emily. Finally, he chose one from a shelter in North Carolina called Brother Wolf.

On May 18, after dinner at the restaurant where they had their first date, the two returned to Beckett’s apartment — where Beckett’s mom had delivered the tiny gray cat while they were out.

When they got home, Beckett said she was so surprised and excited about the kitten that she didn’t even notice the message dangling from his shiny new collar.

“Did you see his collar? I named him for you,” Bentley said. Beckett read the tag, which said, “Emily, Will You Marry Me?”

Naturally, she said yes. And they’ve given the kitten the perfect name: Amore.