Two kittens trapped under a refrigerated case at an Arizona Walmart were rescued and adopted out.

Shoppers at a Walmart in Phoenix were surprised to hear tiny meows coming from a refrigerated deli display case. They notified the store’s staff, who called the Arizona Humane Society for help. Technicians Jujului “Juju” Kuita and Ruthie Jesus weren’t convinced they’d be able to save the kittens. They used a video camera to locate the kittens, who were trapped in a pipe at the back of the case. Thankfully, they were able to pull Grace and Houdini to safety — thanks, in part, to the ladles the Walmart staff gave them to scoop the little kittens out. “I really, truly could not believe that we rescued them,” Kuita said. “I know the universe had a hand in that.” The shelter revealed the news about the April 26 rescue last week, when now 12-week-old kittens were adopted out to forever homes. — Read it at Today