Cat lying in a baking dish

It’s National Cat Day! To celebrate, we rounded up a few of our most popular cat stories of the year. And you know what we discovered? You guys love your cats. So do we! From breeds to training to cat behavior to cat humor, our readers join us in being fascinated by all things feline.

10 Strange Cat Behaviors Explained

Cats are strange. These furry little enigmas do so many odd things that it’s no wonder this article was one of the year’s more popular. Here, we try to explain some of your buddy’s more baffling behaviors.

Does Your Cat Own You?

Don’t try to deny it; you know perfectly well that your cat’s the real boss in your house. Just check out these six signs and see if any ring true in your abode. And don’t feel bad if they do! Plenty of readers clicked over to this article to determine the telltale signs they were no longer their own person — they are owned by a cat as well. All we can say is that resistance is futile.

How Pet Owners Cause Their Dogs and Cats to Misbehave

Since our beloved pets are all perfect little angels, any bad behavior on their part is probably something we’re doing wrong, right? It’s a good thing Dr. Patty Khuly agreed to share the top things that we pet owners (or our spouses, ahem) do to cause our pets to act like little devils.

Cat biting hand

Common Cat Training Problems (and How to Fix Them)

Can cats really be trained? Yes, they can, and Mikkel Becker knows just how to do it! Our readers wanted to know all about how their feisty felines can be encouraged to change their behaviors.

14 Things That Cat Owners Know to Be True

Cats are funny, entertaining, sweet, snuggly and, yes, sometimes a bit of a challenge. Across the board, cat owners agree: Cats are awesome no matter what they’re doing, which is why so many of you loved this roundup of universal things cat people understand, love and/or accept about their cats.

Toyger cat breed

Bet You’ve Never Heard of These Cat Breeds

If you’re like many cat owners, you have a mixed-breed kitty or one of the more well-known purebred cats like a Persian or Siamese. However, there are many beautiful, exotic cat breeds you may not have heard of, much less seen in the fur. Here are 11 gorgeous feline breeds you’ll enjoy knowing more about.

Why Does My Cat Stick Her Butt in My Face?

Ever wonder why your cat likes to stick her posterior right in your face? You’re not alone. Plenty of readers were interested in learning more about this seemingly offensive action. In this article, Dr. Wailani Sung gets to the bottom (see what we did there?) of this behavior. Get ready to have a new appreciation for your cat’s derriere after reading this article. 

Designer Creates Amazing Playgrounds for Cats

What does a talented carpenter with a special love for cats do with his spare time? Create kitty jungle gyms, of course! This cat-loving woodworker turned his passion into a full-time business designing cat playgrounds for felines. 

Outdoor cat

The Secret Lives of Outdoor Cats

At one time or another most of us have wondered what our cats do all day. We know what house cats do while we’re gone (or do we?) but what about outdoor cats? Dr. Marty Becker shares results from one of the first studies of outdoor cat habits. The study involved 50 outdoor cats outfitted with GPS tracking devices and cameras. Scientists were surprised by what they found and intend to do more research.

Do You Keep Your Cats Off the Counter?

It appears that a lot of owners are interested in kitty counter habits. We polled more than 1,100 people (a combination of pet owners and veterinarians) to learn just how many people let their cats go wherever they please and how many found ways to keep their cats from counter surfing.

Now that you’ve seen what your fellow readers found most intriguing this year, it’s your turn. What are your favorite Vetstreet cat articles of 2014?