Sarena Moore, who used a wheelchair to get around, brought Bullet everywhere with her. Moore, 44, had trained the adopted dog herself to assist her and give her comfort. The dog had been allowed into the classroom with her at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, and was lying by her side when a gunman opened fire on Oct. 1, killing Moore and eight other people. Witnesses say Bullet, who was named by his previous owner, never left Moore’s side. "That’s what he is trained to do," said Moore’s fiancé, Travis Dow. "He’s trained to stay right next to her no matter what." Luckily, the dog wasn’t hurt in the ordeal. The day after the shooting, police arrived at Dow’s home with Bullet. Now, he’s bringing comfort to Dow after his loss. "Bullet became a piece of Sarena, and I was happy to get him back," he said. — Read it at CNN