We're suckers for a cute cat photo and, since you're here, we're assuming you probably are too. The only thing we like better than kitty pictures is helping animals in need, and our friends at Catster found something that combines both of those things: Meow Mosaic.

When you submit a photo of your cute kitty to the Meow Mosaic Facebook page, they donate 25 cents to an animal wellness organization. But it doesn't end there! There are two different photo contests. For the first, Meow Mosaic picks the best picture from that month and gives the winner a personalized 18"x24" mosaic of his or her cat made out of all the cat photos submitted through that date.

For the second contest, the winner is the photo with the most Facebook likes and receives an 18"x24" mosaic of his or her cat. Fun, right?

Even if you don't have a kitty pic to submit, you can vote for your favorites. And trust us, there are worse ways to while away the afternoon than scrolling through adorable cat photos.