baby deer gets kisses from mom

We’d have to agree, Mom. That is one adorable baby you have there!

Black duiker Rashidi, who’s now 7 weeks old and 17 pounds, was born to parents Robin and Luke in December at the San Diego Zoo. The couple’s second offspring joins big brother Kodi. Rashidi’s name means “rightly guided” in Afrikaans.

Rashidi’s keepers say he nursed well from his mom for the first few weeks, but has now developed a taste for solid foods. His diet includes fresh fallen leaves, alfalfa hay and diced squash and yams. But his favorite is acacia leaves, which keepers place around his exhibit.

The duiker family resides with two okapis at the zoo. Although the okapis are much larger, the two species get along quite well.

Native to Africa, the threatened duikers reach between 25 and 55 pounds as adults.

Watch him in action in the video below.