Mia PetMatch

Here at Vetstreet, we know that not much goes together better than pets and technology. Lil Bub and Instagram? Orangutans and iPads? Yes, please.

So when we heard about an app that uses facial recognition technology to find an adoptable cat or dog who looks like a pet you already love, we were hooked. The technology behind PetMatch isn't foolproof — we tried it with a picture of a small Pomeranian and it returned images of adoptable cats — but it's still pretty neat.

Say you have a cool-looking canine you adopted a couple of years ago, and you think it'd be great to find a companion who looks just like her. Or your best (human) friend has an adorable hound mix, and you want matching pups who can play together.

Finding that perfect match is as simple as uploading your pet's picture and getting your results (which you can sort by similarity or distance). Clicking on each possible adoptee's picture takes you to the animal's Petfinder profile, which gets you one step closer to a matched pair of pooches (or kitties!).

We've found that even if we're not in the market for a new pet, it's still fun to browse all the adoptable animals who look like ours!

Try it out and let us know what you think. Did your pet's picture return a perfect match? And would you use this app, or one like it, to find your next forever pet?

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