You vs Cat

Get those catlike reflexes ready.

Friskies just launched a new iPad game that's being touted as a first in interspecies play: You vs. Cat.

We all know that kitties love iPads. And they’re pretty quick with those paw swipes. But who will dominate this all-star matchup?

The game begins when a human player launches playing pieces onto the field, where they collide and bounce around. Your feline competitor scores one point for each piece captured with “deft paw maneuvers and swift taps" on the screen. The gamer with the fastest paws — or fingers — wins top gamer status. A worldwide leaderboard also tracks the matches, so you can see how you and your feline companion compare to other players.

The free game, which is the latest in a series of iPad games for cats from Friskies, is available for download from iTunes or at

Friskies’ top feline gamer, Buddy, is getting his game on already for March Madness, challenging college mascots in You vs. Cat. Catch the highlights in this video.