Siku in the snow

Check out these never-before-seen photos of Siku, the impossibly cute polar bear cub who was rejected by his mom just after his birth in November. Despite his orphan status, he managed to steal the hearts of millions when photos and video of him made the rounds in December.

Now nearly 3 months old and 24 pounds, Siku clearly loves life in the snow — and he's working on getting up on all fours.

“He is almost standing — a couple days more and he will be all over the place — and we can’t wait,” wrote Frank Vigh-Larsen, his keeper at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park, in an email. “He is thriving, and spends close to two hours in the snow daily — and he looooooves it!!!”

Siku is almost standing

Siku, whose name means “sea ice” in Eskimo, is an ambassador for his wild cousins in the Arctic, where polar bears are threatened by global warming. The changing climate causes sea ice to melt, limiting a polar bear's ability to hunt for food.

In these photos of Siku in the snow, you can “see his delight,” said Vigh-Larsen.

Get ready for more of this polar bear's antics: Starting on February 27, you’ll be able to watch him live via a Siku Cam for a limited time each day at