A 120-pound Newfoundland likely saved the life of a loggerhead sea turtle she found lying on a Massachusetts beach last week. Veda was walking ahead of her owners, Leah and Brad Bares, when she moved toward the water and lay down. When they got closer, her owners realized she was lying beside a large turtle, who was camouflaged by piles of seaweed that had washed ashore with a storm the day before. They started making calls to get help for the stranded turtle. William Gray, a nearby resident and a volunteer with the Mass Audubon Wellfleet Bay, arrived and got the cold-stunned, 40-pound loggerhead to the New England Aquarium’s sea turtle hospital. There, the turtle’s dangerously low body temperature has slowly been brought up, and it has a promising prognosis, the NEA said. The aquarium has named the creature Newfie, in honor of its hero. — Read it at CBS Boston