We’ve sniffed out some adorable photos for you!

German photographer Elke Vogelsang has created a popular photo series of doggie noses with a cute and clever title: "Nice Nosing You." Her images combine her love for photography and her three rescue dogs — and they’re so close-up, you can almost feel the cold wetness.

“There are many, many dog photographers out there who deliver technically perfect and gorgeous pictures,” she told Vetstreet via email. “It’s hard to stand out in the crowd. So I’m constantly trying to find new perspectives, trying out different approaches.”

She says she gives the dogs a treat, and then the camera starts clicking.

“My dogs are my joy and recreation; I love spending time with them,” Vogelsang says. “I guess these pictures are just the result of my insane photography addiction, the wish to try to capture unusual pictures and to try to show my dog’s beauty and character. It’s a (former) hobby gone wild.”

Check out the adorable images below. And keep your eyes out for more from Vogelsang. She's "feverishly" working on a coffee-table book, and we have no doubt that will be quite the conversation starter!

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