Whether you're a Clydesdale enthusiast or an aficionado of the all-American mutt, we've found something fun for you to quaff during the Oktoberfest mug-raising season.

Take our quiz to find out which beer from these well-known or regional breweries best fits your inner animal. And have an Oktoberfest party to surprise all your horse-, dog– and cat-loving friends with these signature brands and matches.

Question: What kind of beer would you drink if you like dapper Doberman Pinschers? (Hint: This drink would color coordinate with your favorite friend!)

Answer: Yeungling Black and Tan.

Q: What kind of beer would you drink if you like Clydesdale horses? (Hint: You'll feel like a "king!")

A: Budweiser. Duh!

Q: What kind of beer would you drink if the oh-so-brave and brainy Belgian Tervuren is your dog of choice? (Hint: This beer is really "stellar!")

A: Stella Artois, of course. It's the leading Belgian brand.

Q: If you are lucky enough to have a sophisticated Havana Brown feline in your life, then you need to be sure your beer choice is up to her standards. Do you know what beer this coffee-colored Cuban beauty would give her paw of approval to? (Hint: It's reminiscent of a morning drink that Cuba is famous for.)

A: Nothing other than a Boulevard Coffee Ale will do while sharing the armchair with your discriminating kitty. Who doesn't love a Café Cubano?

Q: Is the cute little Chihuahua your dog of choice? Then this beer must be your top choice as well! (It's so easy you don't get a hint for this one.)

A: Mexico's Corona with lime, of course!

Q: Is there a majestic Irish Setter sitting by your knee? Then this is the beer for you. (Hint: Again, this one's all about color coordination.)

A: It's an Irish Red Ale from Murphy's.

Q: If the Pekingese curled up in your lap could talk, he'd tell you to get this beer. (Hint: It comes from his home country.)

A: Tsingtao, which, according to the beer's website, is pronounced "Ching-Dow."

Q: What if your best friend is just a great, plain old mutt? What beer can you raise in his honor? (Hint: Are we getting a little "s-mutty" here?)

A: You need to toast him with a Smuttynose Old Brown Dog Ale.

Q: Are you a horse racing fan? Then you need to drink this beer while urging on your favorite. (Hint: It's all about the picture on the label.)

A: Rolling Rock, with its traditional picture of a racehorse on the label, is the beer for you when admiring the ponies trackside.

Q: Do scrappy Scottish Terriers and billowy-coated Collies make you dream of the Scottish Highlands and heather? Well, here's a beer to drink while tossing your claymore this Oktoberfest season. (Hint: Think of a certain article of traditional Scottish clothing.)

A: Did you guess right? It's Moylan's Kilt Lifter Scottish Ale. Just don't raise your arm too high while toasting!

Q: The lovely Bombay is a feline friend to treasure. No beer-hall brawling for her — if one of these is curling up in your lap, you'll need to pick a beer with class and distinction. (Hint: Get out your geography books and take a wild guess.)

A: An Imperial India Pale Ale!

Q: Certain horse breeds that are popular throughout Mexico (and Latin America) are so interesting and full of flair — something they share with this beer's well-known spokesman (there's your hint right there). If you're a fan of fiery Lusitano or Andalusian horses, then you'll be shouting "olé!" when you enjoy the suds on this choice.

A: Dos Equis, of course — an interesting beer with an equal amount of flair and "brio!"

Q: Golden Retriever lovers, get ready, this one's for you. (Once again, it's all about the color.)

A: How about a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale? Nothing matches the honey-colored coat of a Golden like the warm tones of a pale ale in a glass.

Q: Although named for Barney, a Great Pyrenees, this label should also appeal to the owner of any "water dog" — Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Portuguese Water Dog, Newfoundland and more.

A: Any beer by the Sea Dog Brewing Company!

Q: Let's wrap up our quiz on a patriotic note. If you own a Boston Terrier, there is only one beer that could possibly be in your fridge this month. (And, no, we're not going to give you a hint for this one, either.)

A: Samuel Adams Boston Lager!

How did you do? We hope you've enjoyed our Oktoberfest quiz. And remember — drink responsibly and never give beer or any kind of alcohol to an animal.