“Orange Is the New Black” fans might want to take a breather from binge-watching the new season on Netlflix to indulge in a kitten parody video dubbed “Tabby is the New Cat.”

The Pet Collective has made a name for itself with its cat-themed takes on popular TV shows and movies (who could forget their feline "Frozen"?), and this one is no exception.

Piper Catman, an appropriately orange kitten, is a former stray sentenced to nine lives as an indoor cat.

She has to deal with Alex, her eyeglass-wearing ex and nemesis. “You ratted me out! We used to share the same litter box,” Piper tells Alex. “You weren’t complaining when I was grooming you,” Alex replies.

She’s forced to eat food made by Red, the scary, ginger-colored cat who runs the kitchen — and there’s even an appearance by a kitty Crazy Eyes.

If you can tear yourself away from Season 2 of OITNB for a few minutes, you’ll love this “Petflix” hit.