Chip the puppy and Adele the kitten have become fast friends at their foster home.

If you haven’t yet met Chip and Adele, allow us to introduce you. Chip is a 5-week-old Chihuahua puppy who was surrendered to Operation Kindness in Texas. The same week, a 4-week-old stray kitten was found. Because both were too young to stay in the shelter, they were placed together in a foster home. “They instantly bonded and became sweet friends,” said their foster, Natalie Buxton. She says Chip is “sweet and laid-back,” and his kitty counterpart loves to climb everything. But there’s something they have in common: they love to snuggle together. Now, the shelter is hoping to find a home for them together, once they’re old enough to be adopted. — See photos at Buzzfeed and get updates on Facebook