Feb. 7, 2017: We’ve scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it’s all right here.

A giant anteater pup rejected by her mom loves her teddy bear surrogate.

Anteater Gets Surrogate Teddy Bear

Keepers at the ZSL London Zoo are hand-rearing a 6-week-old giant anteater who was rejected by her mom shortly after her birth on Dec. 28. Anteater pups get around by clinging to their mom’s backs, so little Beanie now has two surrogates. Keeper Amy Heath walks around with the pup on her shoulder during the day, and she has a giant teddy bear she cuddles up to at night. “Hand-rearing an animal is an amazing privilege, but it’s hard work too; we’ve been bottle-feeding Beanie every two to three hours with special replacement milk and making sure she’s kept warm at night with a temperature-controlled incubator,” Heath said. Beanie will be reunited with her parents once she’s big enough. But for now, she’s quite content. “She’s a very strong youngster with a sweet personality; she loves to burrow her long snout into my neck for a cuddle!” Heath said. — See photos at Zooborns

Ancient Sheepdogs Reintroduced to Fend Off Wolves

An ancient breed of shepherd dog has been reintroduced to its native territory in Romania’s Carpathian Mountains to do the job it was originally bred to do: guard livestock from bears and wolves. The Carpathian shepherd dog has an innate devotion to the animals it’s guarding. A European Commission-backed organization has given eight of the puppies to shepherds at three locations and is training them in how to train the dogs so they can help revive the breed. — Read it at Seeker

Evanger’s Dog Food Recalled After Dog’s Death

One dog has died and at least five others have become ill after eating Evanger’s Hunk of Beef canned dog food. The company is recalling several lots of the food because one batch tested positive for the barbiturate Pentobarbital. Evanger’s, which has been in business for 82 years and never had to recall its products, said the affected meat came from one supplier, and they’ve now terminated that relationship. Many dogs may have eaten the food and not had issues. If your dog has consumed one of the affected lots and shows symptoms including drowsiness, dizziness, excitement, loss of balance or nausea, you should get them to the veterinarian immediately. — Get recall details from People Pets

Ryker surprised the 2nd graders who helped cover the cost of his life-saving surgery with a visit.

2nd Graders Meet Dog They Helped

A second grade class in Kansas got a surprise visit Friday from a shelter dog they helped last month. Ryker had a broken leg and needed surgery when he was abandoned and taken in by the Helping Hands Humane Society in Topeka. When the Shawnee Heights Elementary School class heard about Ryker, they wanted to help. They went home and emptied their piggy banks, and came up with $450 to donate to the shelter — more than needed to cover the cost of Ryker’s surgery. Now that he’s recovered, Ryker made a visit to the class to thank the kids for their kindness. The kids were delighted to meet him in person. — Watch it at Indiana’s WTHR

Chocolate Lab Gives Birth to Green Puppy

Elaine Cooper and her husband were shocked when their chocolate Labrador Retriever, Milly, gave birth to a bright green puppy along with four yellow ones at their home in England. “The pup looked emerald green,” Cooper said. The puppy has been named Fifi after the green Princess Fiona from the movie “Shrek,” but she’s already started to lose her unusual coloring. The green tint was reportedly due to an overexposure of biliverdin, a substance found in the placenta. The color is expected to continue to fade over the next few weeks, and Fifi will then look more like her golden brothers, Gizmo, Ghost, Bear and Rover. — Watch it at Yahoo