Nov. 3, 2016: We’ve scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it’s all right here.

Benedict Cumbercat snuggles with one of his foster kittens.

Benedict Cumbercat Cuddles Kitties

A Virginia cat who’s named for Benedict Cumberbatch, the British actor who stars in the upcoming Marvel movie Doctor Strange, has some superpowers of his own — as an incredible surrogate dad. The sweet white cat loves to help his owner, veterinary technician Ellen Carozza, take care of the kittens she fosters for Nova Cat Clinic. Carozza typically has two to five kittens at a time, but will sometimes have up to 12 in her home. The kitties she brings home usually need more TLC than a regular shelter or foster can provide, and Benny, who was nursed back to health as a kitten himself, is right there to pitch in. Carozza shares lots of photos and videos of his work on Instagram. “There is something more that a surrogate cat can give to a kitten vs. a human,” Carozza said. “They connect better, can communicate in their own way, and be provided with cat-to-cat comfort.” — Read it at People Pets

Newly Adopted Pit Bull Saves Owner’s Cat

Jack had only been living with his new owners, Pam and Greg Taylor, in their Florida home for a few weeks when he proved how much he loves his new family. Two coyotes attacked the family’s cat, Kitty, in their backyard, and Jack raced to the rescue. The coyotes released Kitty and the Taylors quickly got her to the vet. She suffered from brain swelling but is expected to make a full recovery, and her canine hero had just a few cuts that didn’t bother him. “I shudder to think what would have happened if we hadn’t adopted Jack,” Pam Taylor said. “He saved our Kitty’s life.” — Read it at Florida Sunspot

Pregnant Manatee Released in Florida

Six weeks after she was rescued off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, a manatee who’s an expectant mom was released into the much warmer waters off the Florida coast on Tuesday morning. Washburn, who was named for the island where she was found in September, was saved by the International Fund for Animal Welfare and brought to Connecticut’s Mystic Aquarium. She was nursed back to health at the facility for 26 days before the U.S. Coast Guard flew her to SeaWorld Orlando, where she stayed for another two weeks. Finally, the mom-to-be was ready to be returned to the ocean. As Washburn swam away from her tarp, her caretakers could be heard calling, “Go, momma, go” and “Good luck, momma.” — Read it at the Cape Cod Times

Jamie had a well-deserved day out with some adoring NYPD officers.

Rescued Dog Needs a Home

More than six months after New York police officers saved an emaciated Pit Bull from deplorable conditions in a Brooklyn basement, they’re helping her out again by rallying to find her a forever home. Jamie has been recovering with the ASPCA since she was found in April, and now she’s well enough to be adopted. A group of doting officers recently took her out for a day on the town, riding in a police van, visiting the dog park and getting some special treats, to give her a break from the shelter environment. “She is happiest when she’s out and about meeting new people and experiencing new things,” said the ASPCA’s Victoria Wells. “She does enjoy going for a run now and again, but she’s more likely to flop down for a belly rub or snuggle up for a nap.” — Read it at Today

Cat Found 300 Miles From Home

Just hours after finding out the cat who disappeared from her home three years ago had been found, Samantha Krieger rented a car and made the five-hour drive to reunited with Theodore. “I didn’t think this would ever happen,” she said Tuesday. The staff at Skokie Animal Control in Illinois believes the gray cat must have found another home during his time away from Krieger because he appeared to have been well cared for. No one knows how Theodore got to Skokie, but Krieger is glad to have her favorite cat back. — Read it at the Chicago Tribune