Nov. 11, 2016: We’ve scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it’s all right here.

Army Retired Sergeant First Class Luciano Yulfo meets Murphy, his new service dog.

Vet Given a Dog at Knicks Game

A decorated veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars was surprised and thrilled to be presented with a service dog at a New York Knicks game in Madison Square Garden on Wednesday. Army Retired Sergeant First Class Luciano Yulfo, who served for 36 years, was being honored in a ceremony during a break in the NBA game when Paws of War brought out Murphy, a Golden Retriever. Yulfo dropped his cane in his excitement and knelt down to greet his new dog. The veteran was injured on duty and has been on the waitlist to get a dog to help him for 18 months. Today is Veterans’ Day, and many professional sports organizations have been showing their appreciation. Earlier this week, we told you the story of another Army vet who was presented with a service dog at a New York Giants football game. — Read it at CBS New York

Study: Rats Giggle When Tickled

Humans aren’t the only ones who are ticklish. A new study finds that when rats are in a good mood, they emit ultrasonic giggles when tickled. Researchers determined which neurons in the brain were tied to ticklishness and laughter, so the findings suggest that future therapies for people with depression might target this brain region. “Rat tickling and tickling-evoked positive emotions in rats should be viewed as primitive forms of joy,” said study co-author Michael Brecht of Humboldt University in Germany. The study was published in the journal Science. — Read it at Seeker

Bald Eagle Rescued From Storm Drain

Traffic was shut down in Orange County, Florida, for 90 minutes during rush hour Thursday so authorities could save a female bald eagle from a storm drain. Witnesses say she and another bald eagle were fighting in the sky and when they fell to the ground, she dropped into the drain. A crowd cheered as the eagle was pulled to safety. She suffered a cracked beak as well as injuries to her leg and chest. Experts say the birds were likely battling over territory. The 5-year-old eagle is expected to recover in about six weeks, and will be released into the wild — but likely in a different area in the hopes that she can avoid conflict. — Read it at Florida’s WFTV

Sophie poses for a maternity photo shoot at her farm sanctuary home.

Pig Poses for Maternity Shoot

A potbelly pig who was rescued from an abandonment case in Indiana is now living in style at a sanctuary in Ohio. When Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary discovered Sophie was pregnant, they wanted to do something special for her. So, they called Enjoy the Ride Photography to do a photo shoot with the expectant mom. She sported a tutu and enjoyed some pig-friendly cupcakes for her big day. And she looked quite content, especially in one shot where she decided it was time for a nap. Sophie surprised her caretakers and gave birth to seven “perfect little piglets” this week. “All are happy and healthy and Sophie is proving to be a fantastic Mom,” the sanctuary posted on Facebook Tuesday. — See photos from the U.K.’s Metro

Hiker Finds Hillary Clinton on Chappaqua Trail

Like many of us when we’re down, Hillary Clinton and her husband decided to take their dogs for a long walk in the woods on Thursday. An upset Clinton supporter, Margot Gerster, was also taking her young daughter for a hike to clear her mind — and that’s when she ran into the former Democratic presidential nominee. Gerster shared a photo on Facebook that showed her and her daughter posing with Clinton and one of her dogs on a trail near the Clintons’ Chappaqua, New York, home. Gerster said former President Bill Clinton took the photo, which has gone viral.  — See photo at CBS