Ashley Judd with Shug

Ashley Judd Brings Her “Psychological Support” Dog On Set

Shug, a registered “psychological support” dog, joined actress Ashley Judd for an interview on ABC’s Nightline. Judd says that the pup has helped her to cope with depression, and Shug stays on the set with her during the filming of her new show, Missing. According to Judd, it “just adds to quality of life.” — Read it at ABC News and watch the interview

Plus: Sharing the set with animals doesn't feel quite as natural for actress Sofia Vergara. The Modern Family star admits to People that she’s unnerved by the French Bulldog who plays Stella on the sitcom — but Ed O'Neill, who plays her on-screen husband, is in love with the dog. — Read it at People Pets

Bird Recordings Scare Pigeons From NYC Subway Station

After trying plenty of other tactics, New York’s transit authority has a novel way of clearing its Roosevelt Island subway station of pigeons: a birdcall system emits predatory sounds every two to 10 minutes. A spokesman says that it seems to be working. — Read it at The New York Times

Sergeant Rex

Military Dog Will Be Reunited With Former Handler

There’s a happy ending to the story we brought you last week: Sergeant Rex — a 10-year-old, bomb-sniffing German Shepherd — has been found suitable for adoption, and will be reunited with former Marine Cpl. Megan Leavey. “We wish Rex all the best in his coming years of relaxation with Megan,” said Capt. Barry Edwards. — Read it at ABC News

Capybara Babies Debut at British Zoo

Three adorable capybaras, who were born earlier this month, were out and about exploring their new habitat at Twycross Zoo in England this week. Capybaras, which are native to South America, weigh just two pounds at birth. — See the photos at Zooborns