May 7, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Chihuahua driving a tank

Chihuahuas Parade Through Kansas City on Cinco de Mayo

Despite a Chihuahua invasion, a Kansas City, Mo., Cinco de Mayo Chihuahua parade, which benefitted a local animal shelter, didn't break the Guinness World Record for the most costumed dogs, falling short by about 200 pups. But the parade of 500 dogs was still a sight to behold, with cowboys, ballerinas, and a canine driving a tank. "We are going to keep doing this until we run out of dogs in Kansas City and have to start shipping them in," said an organizer. — Read it at WBAL and see the video at CNN

Tainted Dog Food Sickens Several Humans

More than a dozen people in several states have been infected by salmonella-tainted dog food that's been recalled by Diamond Pet Foods in the last few weeks. The food was made at the same South Carolina plant that produced food with a toxic mold that killed several dogs in 2005. Health officials are urging people to wash their hands after handling pet food to avoid possible contamination. — Read it at USA Today

Pint-Sized U.S. Seahorse May Get Endangered Species Protection

The dwarf seahorse, which is found in seagrass off the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida coast, could receive endangered species protection. Seagrass is critical to the seahorse’s survival, and the Center for Biological Diversity says that Florida has lost more than half of its seagrasses since 1950. The U.S. has launched a yearlong review process on the species. — Read it at Today

Kelly Osbourne's Pomeranian, Story, sporting booties

Kelly Osbourne's Dog Models Stylish Puppy Kicks

The celebrity tweeted a photo of her recently adopted Pomeranian, Story, sporting shoes. "Story has allergies so we had to put these little booties on her so she stop trying to eat her feet!" wrote Osbourne. — Read it at People Pets, and learn about how to treat allergies in dogs from Vetstreet

Plus: Moved by the plight of homeless dogs in India, PETA advocate Pamela Anderson adopted a puppy while there. — Read it at the NY Daily News

California Land Purchase Protects Both Wildlife and Ranching

Environmental groups led by the Nature Conservancy have spent millions of dollars to acquire thousands of acres of ranch land north of Los Angeles to prevent sprawl and preserve both the ranch way of life and the endangered species who inhabit the area. — Read it at the LA Times