Dec. 8, 2016: We’ve scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it’s all right here.

Firefighters came to the rescue of a curious dog who managed to get out onto the roof of this home.

Pup Climbs Out Window

A curious dog in Ottawa, Canada, decided to try pushing a window on the second floor of his home, and the lock malfunctioned. That’s when a concerned neighbor spotted the dog and called the city’s fire service. “The black and white dog then ventured out onto the second story roof and started to bark when it realized the predicament it now found itself in,” the Ottawa Fire Service said in a press release. The firefighters used their ladder truck to get to pooch, who greeted them with barks. But they said they were able to get the “agile and adventurous” dog down safely. — Read it at People Pets

Polar Bear Numbers Could Plunge With Climate Change

A grim new assessment of how melting sea ice affects polar bears finds that their population could drop by a third by 2050. The new study echoes what previous studies have found but is the most comprehensive to date. The bears depend on the sea ice for their livelihood, most importantly using it as a platform to hunt seals. Global warming has raised the earth’s surface temperature, leading to less sea ice. The study, led by a researcher with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, was published in the Royal Society’s Biology Letters. — Read it at Seeker

Cat Found 740 Miles From Home

A recent college graduate who’d just moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, thought the unfamiliar cat she found rolling around in her front yard one morning must belong to one of her new neighbors. But when the cat tried to follow her into the house, she asked a neighbor about him. Not recognizing him, the neighbor brought the cat to the vet, where his microchip revealed he was actually from Illinois. His worried family — a single dad with three children — made the 12-hour drive to North Carolina, and they were reunited with Lazarus on Monday. His owner, Roy, rents out his land to hunters and believes one of them may have mistakenly taken the cat back to North Carolina in their truck bed. — Read it at Fox 5 New York

Therapy dogs are helping to comfort those who lost loved ones in the Ghost Ship fire.

Therapy Dogs Help in Oakland

The Valley Humane Society’s therapy dogs are offering comfort to the loved ones of the 36 people who died in a massive warehouse fire in Oakland, California. “With the compassion and the understanding that [the dogs] have, they seem to know who needs comfort,” said one of the volunteers with the shelter’s Canine Comfort Pet Therapy group. The volunteers cleared their schedules for the week so they could continue assisting people with their grief and loss, the shelter said on Facebook. The Ghost Ship fire killed many artists who’d been living at the warehouse in conditions that are under investigation. — Watch it at ABC News

Alzheimer’s Patients Bottle Feed Tiny Kittens

Patients with dementia and kittens in need of regular bottle feeding are connecting with each other at the Catalina Springs Memory Care Center in Arizona — and it’s helping both the people and the felines. “It was unbelievable how much joy and light these little 6-ounce balls of fluff brought to this facility,” said Rebecca Hamilton, who works with one of the organizations involved in the program. — Watch it at Today