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Eddie, a Belgian Malinois, retired from the military with full honors on Friday.

Dog Saved Unit in Afghanistan

Eddie, a Belgian Malinois, retired Friday with full military honors at the MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Fla., as dozens of soldiers cheered for him. Staff Sgt. Shannon Hutto, Eddie’s handler, said he thought the dog was being lazy when he wouldn’t move from a spot on a hot day in Afghanistan in 2012. But it turned out that Eddie had sniffed out an improvised explosive device buried in the dirt, just 6 inches from Hutto’s foot. Not long after, Eddie saved his patrol unit and dozens of civilians when he found another bomb placed on a bridge his unit was about to cross. Eddie celebrated with his very own cake, made of peanut butter and bananas — a treat he wouldn’t have had as a working dog. Now he’s off to spend his retirement with his first handler, Andrew Grymes. “He can go and be a pet,” said Hutto. “100 percent, sitting on the couch, playing with toys, sleeping in the bed.” — Read it from AP via Fox News

Prize-Winning Chihuahua Puppy Stolen

Xena the Chihuahua, who was named Best Puppy in Breed at the prestigious Crufts competition in the U.K. last month, was among five dogs stolen from a house in the village of Lissett in England on Thursday. Xena’s mother, Lo, and grandmother, Angel, as well as two other valuable dogs, Pandora and Evie, were also taken by the thieves. "I just want someone to hand them in — to the RSPCA, to a vet, to anywhere safe. It doesn't matter. Just leave them somewhere so we can get them back,” said owner Mal Hilton. On Sunday, police in Humberside said they’re asking the public for any leads on the dogs’ whereabouts. — Read it at BBC News

China-Malaysia Panda Diplomacy Halted

With tension between the two countries rising due to the disappearance of flight MH370, China has postponed its plans to send a pair of pandas to Malaysia, a minister said on Friday. Pandas Feng Yi ("Phoenix") and Fu Wa ("Lucky") were due to arrive in Malaysia this week on a Malaysia Airlines flight, and to stay at the country’s national zoo for 10 years. Malaysia's environment minister G. Palanivel told the Agence France-Presse: "They (China) are waiting for the results of MH370. They will delay the arrival. They might send in late May." China has sharply criticized Malaysia over its handling of the MH370 investigation. Of the 239 people aboard the plane when it disappeared on March 8, 153 were Chinese nationals. — Read it from AFP via Paw Nation

Grumpy Cat sports a mini Pharrell hat on the way to the MTV Movie Awards.

Grumpy Cat Works Red Carpet

The Internet’s favorite cat appeared on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, wearing a miniature version of the Internet’s favorite accessory: Pharrell’s Grammy hat. The rapper and fashion designer wore the vintage Vivienne Westwood hat at the Grammys in January, and it took on a life of its own, quickly getting its very own Twitter account with nearly 22,000 followers. The MTV Movie Awards show host, Conan O’Brien, had teased an appearance from Grumpy Cat on Friday. "Grumpy Cat is sort of like the Pope," O'Brien joked. "You hear rumors. Maybe you'll get an audience with Grumpy Cat, maybe you won't … I think it's easier to get to Jay Z right now than it is to get to Grumpy Cat." — Read it at People

Firefighters Rescue Dog Stranded on Log

George and Timothy Adams brought their dog fishing with them on Sunday night at the White River in Indianapolis. Adam, a 5-year-old Boxer and Chow mix, jumped in after a duck, and found himself stranded on a log about 50 feet from shore — and he wouldn’t budge. The Adams tried to coax the dog back to shore with a teddy bear and treats for 90 minutes before calling the fire department for help. The crews tried to lure the dog to swim back with treats, too. But when it didn’t work, they deployed a boat and were able to get Adam on board and safely back to shore. The father-son fishing team says they plan to leave Adam at home on their next fishing trip. — Watch it at Indiana’s WISH TV and read it at the Indy Star

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