Nov. 14, 2016: We’ve scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it’s all right here.

Hundreds of dogs and their owners turned out for Walnut's final walk on the beach in England.

18-Year-Old Dog Gets Big Send-Off

When Mark Woods sadly decided the time had come to say goodbye to Walnut, his 18-year-old Whippet, he asked fellow dog owners and dog lovers to join him for Walnut’s final walk on a beach in Newquay, England. His Facebook post about the celebration of his dog’s long life went viral, and hundreds arrived at the beach to see the elderly dog off on Saturday. “He has had an incredible life and having reached the grand age of 18 is ready for his final sleep,” Woods wrote. He later posted that Walnut had died, surrounded by his family and their three other Whippets, Monty, Nelson and Charlie. “I also want to thank the wonderful people of Newquay for their support which I will never forget as long as I live,” he said. — Read it at the Huffington Post

Real Navy Seal Dies at National Zoo

The world’s oldest gray seal, Selkie, passed away recently at age 43 at the National Zoo in Washington. Selkie trained with the U.S. Navy when she was just a 6-month-old pup, during the Cold War. With her natural ability to dive 1,000 feet below the water’s surface and stay underwater for 20 minutes, she learned how to insert and remove military equipment, turn wheel valves and use a screwdriver. The seal, who was born in Iceland in 1973, had lived at the National Zoo since 1979. — Read it at Seeker

Polar Bear Twins Born in Ohio

Twin polar bear cubs were born at the Columbus Zoo on Tuesday to first-time mom Anana. So far, they appear to be strong and well cared for, but the animal care team continues to monitor their activity using remote cameras. Polar bears have one of the lowest reproductive rates of any mammal, and the survival rate for a polar bear cub during its first few weeks of life is only about 50 percent. “Our hope is Anana will raise her cubs but our team, who now have experience with the difficult process of rearing a tiny cub, are prepared to step in if necessary,” said the zoo’s president and CEO, Tom Stalf. Last year, they hand-reared Nora, a cub whose mom failed to care for her on her own. Nora’s mom is Anana’s twin sister. — Read it from the Columbus Zoo

Brownie, 15, was lost for nine years before being reunited with his owner.

Blind Dog Reunited With Owner

At 15 years old and missing for nine years, Brownie the Lhasa Apso is finally back home. Brownie had run out the door of his family’s home when guests arrived, and his owner, Amy Baca, searched everywhere for him. Recently, he turned up at a tattoo parlor five miles from his home, and he was taken in by Arizona Shih Tzu & Small Breed Rescue. The group found his microchip, and tracked Baca down using Facebook. Brownie is now blind, and Baca is hoping to help improve his health otherwise. “I don’t know how much longer he’s going to live. But at least he’s going to live his last moments at least, back with his family, where he belongs," she said. — Watch it at North Carolina’s WFMY News 2

Kentucky Town Elects Pit Bull Mayor

Brynneth Pawltro will be the fourth dog mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, after winning in a landslide victory. The Pit Bull easily beat a cat, a chicken and a donkey for the job. “She’s a lover, she’s such a sweet dog. She is a pit bull rescue and she’s going to be quite the ambassador for that breed,” says Bobbi Kayser, who’s on the board of directors for the Rabbit Hash Historical Society. Brynn succeeds Border Collie Lucy Lou, who retired after serving for eight years. — Read it at People Pets