Dec. 22, 2016: We’ve scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it’s all right here.

An Arkansas police officer stopped his car in traffic to save a tiny lost dog.

Cop Saves Dog From Traffic

A police officer in Rose City, Arkansas, rushed to the rescue of a tiny Chihuahua he saw running around in the middle of a busy intersection on Monday. Wendy Peeks and her husband saw the officer put his lights on and stop his car, and grabbed their phone to videotape when they noticed he was trying to help a tiny dog. “It took a couple minutes to convince her to come to me, but once she did she was happy to be there,” said Officer Iradale Whitney. “I had to make sure she made it home for the holidays.” Peeks’ video went viral on social media, and helped to locate the dog’s owners. She will be reunited with them in time for the holidays. — Watch it at Arkansas Matters

Dog With Terminal Cancer Adopted

A 5-year-old dog who’s had a very hard life will spend what’s likely his last Christmas in a loving home. The Terrier mix known as Wiffle Ball arrived at the Richmond Animal League in Virginia with a severe case of heartworms and later came down with pneumonia. Once he was treated for those things, the shelter learned Wiffle Ball was also suffering from terminal lymphoma. The staff decided they just wanted to make the end of Wiffle’s life happy — and now that’s going to happen with a new family. Over the weekend, the shelter shared a photo of Wiffle headed home with a couple and their other dog. We hear Wiffle loves French fries and pup cups, and it looks like he’ll get all the treats — and love — he deserves after a tough year. — Watch it at People Pets

Rare Baby Elephant Gets a Name

An endangered Asian elephant calf was born last weekend to 12-year-old mom Sundara at the Chester Zoo in England. Her whole family gathered around as Sundara gave birth to the baby girl and encouraged her to get to her feet. Minutes later, she was up and trying to nurse. The baby has been named Indali. Mom and daughter are doing well, officials said. “It’s a hugely positive event for the herd — not least for one-year-old Nandita who was experiencing a new arrival for the very first time,” said keeper Richard Fraser. Nandita is Indali’s half sister. “Having a new play mate around means that Christmas really has come early for her!” — See photos at the U.K.’s Chester Chronicle

Zeta was thrilled to be rescued from the drainage system where she was trapped last week.

Lab Rescued From Drainage System

Zeta the yellow Labrador Retriever barked and howled for two days last week before children playing outside in Nampa, Idaho, followed the noise to a drainage grate. They peered into the grate and saw the Lab’s sad face looking up at them. One of their parents called Nampa Dispatch, and animal control and the fire department quickly got her out of the drainage system. Thanks to her tags, she was reunited with her relieved family, who said now it “really will be a Merry Christmas.” Zeta’s owner shared her thanks to the first responders and the children who found her in Facebook comments about the rescue. “Zeta was SUPER excited when we got back with her,” wrote Laura Heather Fry. “After licking everyone and doing a doggie happy dance, she ate a HUGE meal and fell fast asleep. Poor girl was exhausted, but obviously grateful to be back home.” — Read it at the Idaho Statesman

Panda Destroys His Snowman

Last week, we were reminded just how much the Toronto Zoo panda Da Mao loves snow with an adorable video of him somersaulting in it. Now the zoo has another cute video of the playful bear “attacking” a snowman that the staff made for him. In security footage, the panda can be seen climbing on top of the snowman’s head before tumbling over, and dismantling it in the process. — Watch it at Today