August 6, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Emergency workers rescued a fawn from a 20-foot manhole.

Fawn Survives a Steep Fall Into a Manhole in New York

Landscapers in Mount Sinai, N.Y., called authorities when they witnessed a fawn tumble 20 feet into a manhole in a vacant lot last week. “Deer are generally very cautious animals and we were very surprised that the deer actually fell into the manhole,” said a police spokesman. After a three-hour rescue operation, the deer emerged unharmed, and ran off into the woods — after posing for pictures with the rescue crew. — Read it at CBS New York

New Flu Virus Can Spread From Pigs to People

The Centers for Disease Control is warning individuals to wash their hands, and avoid eating around animals, when they attend agricultural fairs. A new strain of the influenza virus, H3N2v, sickened at least 12 people last week — and all of the cases involved contact with pigs at fairs. Although the strain seems to migrate easily from pigs to people, it isn’t as readily transferred between humans. — Read it at USA Today

Australian Fish Are Coming Down With Skin Cancer

Scientists who were surveying shark prey recently made a troubling discovery when they found that 15 percent of the coral trout in Australia's Great Barrier Reef had cancerous lesions on their scales. The reef is located under the biggest hole in the Earth’s ozone layer, which increases the area’s exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays. Australians actually have the highest skin cancer rate in the world. — Read it at the LA Times

Donna, the world's oldest hippo, died at age 62.

World’s Oldest Hippo Dies in Captivity at 62

Donna the Nile hippopotamus arrived at Indiana's Mesker Park Zoo in 1956, had eight children — and outlived them all. "She set a record as the oldest living hippo in the world. That's a huge statement, the world. We should be celebrating that aspect of it,” said the zoo’s director. According to NBC News, most hippos live about 50 years in captivity — and only 40 in the wild. — Read it at WTSP

Hospital Creates a “Cat Immersion Room” for a Teen Cancer Patient

When Maga couldn’t leave her room at the Seattle Children’s Hospital to see her beloved cat, Merry, her caretakers had an idea. They asked people to send in photos of their cats via the hospital’s Facebook page, and then projected 3,000 images onto a tent above Maga’s bed, while playing an audio track of Merry purring. “It makes me really happy to see all these cats,” said Maga, who’s recovering from a bone marrow transplant. — Read it at Yahoo Shine

D.C. Zoo Cheetahs Are Named After Olympians

The results are in from this weekend’s 100-meter dashes at the Olympics, and the National Zoo has kept its promise, naming two cheetah cubs after the fastest American male and female runners. The cubs will now be called Carmelita and Justin — and would likely have no trouble outrunning their namesakes! — Find out more from the National Zoo