August 12, 2014: We’ve scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it’s all right here.

Dogs playing at dog park

Dog Owners Pay For Park Fun

"Members only" isn’t just for country clubs. Private dog parks are the latest trend for pampered pooches across the country. In Columbus, Ohio, Mark and Judy Wise decided to open Companion Dog Park after they got fed up with the limited spaces for their dogs to play in within the city. "We literally lived across from a park that didn’t allow dogs," Judy Wise told ABC News. "So we decided to open our own. It’s completely private, all of the animals have to be spayed or neutered, they can’t be aggressive, and people just love it." But all those benefits come at a cost — the annual membership fee is $395. Other private dog parks can be found in New York City and Paso Robles, California. — Read it at ABC News

Rabid Bat Found at Denver Zoo

A bat captured in the primate area at the Denver Zoo has tested positive for rabies. A zoo employee safely caught the bat, which was behaving erratically, and it was euthanized. Officials believe no other people were exposed to the animal, but they are urging anyone who visited the zoo Aug. 2 to seek medical attention if they were exposed to or handled a bat during their visit. "The safety of our visitors, employees and animals is our No. 1 priority," said Tiffany Barnhart, Denver Zoo Director of Marketing and Communications. "Our staff followed all protocols to ensure the safety of our guests. However, we want to take every precaution, and that’s why we are reaching out to folks who visited that day." — Read it at 7News Denver

Study: Animal Therapy Reduces Pain After Surgery

A new study has found that people who received animal-assisted therapy while recovering from joint replacement surgery required less pain medication than those who weren’t around animals. "The animal-human connection is powerful in reducing stress and in generating a sense of well-being," said Julia Havey, MSN, RN, CCM, lead author of the study. "This further demonstrates the positive influence animals can have on human recovery." The study was published in the journal Anthrozoos.  — Read it at Science Daily

Miley Cyrus adopts a pig

Miley Cyrus Adopts a Pig

Miley Cyrus has added a new member to her family — an adorable pig named Bubba Sue. Cyrus has shared a string of photos of the tiny pig on her Instagram account, including one of her dog, Emu, sharing a loving moment with the new addition. This is Cyrus’ first new pet since the unexpected death of her dog Floyd in April, and it’s no surprise that she opted for a pig. After Cyrus declared her love for four-legged porkers on the Ellen Show in 2012, PETA sponsored a pig named Nora in Cyrus’ name to celebrate the singer’s 20th birthday. — Read it at Today

Video of Bear Walking Upright Goes Viral

Is it a person in a bear suit? A photoshopped stunt? Nope, the incredible video of a black bear walking on his hind legs like a human in a New Jersey neighborhood is actually the real deal, experts say. "It appears to me that it is indeed a bear," said David Garshelis, a bear expert with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, adding that "if it’s a fake, it’s a very good one." Unfortunately, experts say that walking upright is often a sign that a bear has sustained an injury to one of his front paws. Garshelis says that in this case, it appears that the bear may have suffered a partial amputation of its right front foot. — Watch it at NBC News

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