Nov. 26, 2013: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

This Lab mix puppy was rescued after spending more than a week at the bottom of a Dallas storm drain.

Puppy Trapped in Drain for 9 Days

A Lab mix puppy found in a Dallas storm drain was rescued on Monday by Dallas fire-rescue and animal control officers. He was cold and hungry, but otherwise OK, officers said. Teacher Lynda Roth said he was one of a large litter of puppies born under her nearby portable classroom, and she believed he’d been stuck in the drain since Nov. 16. Crews had tried to rescue the pup before without luck, but on Monday, they brought in cameras and a trap, and were able to bring him out safely. "We finally got a trap down there, and he went in it pretty quickly," Cate McManus of Dallas Animal Services told Today. The puppy’s mom and dad were pacing nearby, and officers said they’d return to the area on Tuesday to try to reunite the family and find them homes if it’s determined that they’re adoptable.— Watch it at NBC Dallas-Fort Worth

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Grants $3M to WWF

The actor’s conservation foundation gave the donation to the World Wildlife Fund for its initiative to help Nepal with its aggressive effort to double its wild tiger population by 2022, which is the Chinese year of the tiger. The grant will be used to help the WWF’s work to “strengthen anti-poaching patrols, protect core areas for tiger breeding, restore critical corridors for their dispersal and expansion, and continuously monitor tiger populations,” according to a press release. “Time is running out for the world’s remaining 3,200 tigers, largely the result of habitat destruction and escalating illegal poaching,” said DiCaprio, who’s a WWF board member. The grant is the first to come from the successful Christie’s 11th Hour Charity Auction, which DiCaprio created. It raised nearly $39 million for conservation on just one night. — Read it from the WWF

Wild Turkeys Make a Comeback

In the last few decades, wild turkeys have made a remarkable recovery after coming close to extinction in the early 1900s. They’re now found in almost all parts of their former range, where they had been nearly wiped out. About 7 million of the birds can be found across every state but Alaska, according to the National Wild Turkey Federation, which helped reintroduce them to the wild. The turkeys have slowly gained in numbers since the 1950s, when biologists developed a special type of net that allowed them to catch groups of wild turkeys and relocate them to other areas. — Read it at Live Science and check out our fascinating facts about turkeys

Jacque, who hails from Mississippi, was found 1,000 miles away in Colorado.

Cat Found 1,000 Miles From Home

It was two years ago when Cree Cantrell's adventurous feline, Jacque, disappeared from his houseboat in Biloxi, Miss. "I came home from work one day and he just wasn't there. Looked for him obviously for a long time and just kind of gave up hope," Cantrell said. "I always assumed that either he fell in the water, which he had done before or maybe a tourist or something walking on the beach picked him up.” But Cantrell never imagined that his 3-year-old cat would be found more than 1,000 miles away, in Denver, Colorado. A local veterinary clinic located Jacque’s microchip and was able to get in touch with Cantrell, who was shocked to get the call. “I couldn't believe it. How's a cat get up there?" Jacque has now been reunited with his owner and is back at home in the South. — Read it at Mississippi’s WLOX

Fans Outraged Over Brian’s Death on “Family Guy”

The long running animated comedy Family Guy stunned viewers on Sunday when it killed off the popular and intellectual talking Griffin family dog, Brian. The distraught Griffins saw the dog get hit by a car in front of their house and said their goodbyes at the animal hospital, where Brian thanked them for giving him a good life. The upset family, who’d had Brian since the show’s 1999 beginning, later went to an animal shelter, where they adopted a new canine character, Vinny. Within hours after the show, fans began circulating a petition to bring him back. So far, it has 25,000 signatures. But it doesn’t seem likely to sway the show’s producers, who are ready to move forward with the new Griffin dog. "Our fans are smart enough and have been loyal to our show for long enough, to know that they can trust us," said executive producer Steve Callaghan. — Read it at CNN