July 12, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Buster, a special needs Dachshund mix, has a new home.

News-Making Paraplegic Dachshund Finds the Perfect Family

It took a while, but the Washington Animal Rescue League has finally found the right home for Buster, a wheelchair-bound Dachshund mix. Now a happy, active pup, Buster was rescued last fall after he was found on the side of a road in West Virginia, and brought to an animal hospital outside of Washington, D.C. When the search for a home for Buster made headlines in May, there was a big response — and a special family from Pennsylvania, who already has two Dachshunds, decided they were willing to give Buster the special care that he needs.

There's more to this moving story: Just before he was adopted, Buster was able to give back to his rescue group. By placing third in a “Best in Shelter" contest, he won $15,000 for the league. — Read it at the Washington Post, and see a video of Buster

Outpouring of Support for an Abused Texas Dog Leads to a $35,000 Reward

Officials in Texas are hoping for a similar happy ending for Hope someday. The mixed-breed dog was found suffering from terrible abuse, but thanks to donations from around the world, the local sheriff is offering a $35,000 reward for information about the person responsible for her mistreatment. "She was somebody's trash on Sunday. Today she's everybody's treasure,” said Rhonda Sears, a veterinary technician who’s been caring for the dog. “Everybody loves Hope.” — Watch it at KVUE

Fish Reveal Some Secrets to Animal Migration

A new study may help explain how fish, and possibly other animals, navigate across long distances. Researchers found that rainbow trout have tiny crystals, known as magnetite, inside cells within their nasal passages. The crystals act like compass needles, moving back and forth in response to the Earth’s magnetic field, essentially giving the fish a “magnetic sense” that allows them to judge direction. — Read it at MSNBC

Boo for Virgin America

Boo Gets a Friendly Skies Gig

The "world’s cutest dog,” Boo, is now the Official Pet Liaison for Virgin America Airlines, and will offer pet-friendly travel advice in his new role. "As a pet-friendly airline we want our guests — those on two legs and those on four — to have as comfortable and enjoyable experience as possible on Virgin America," a spokeswoman told the Huffington Post. — Read it at the Huffington Post, and see outtakes from a photo shoot for his new job on Facebook

Columbus Zoo Announces the Birth of Amur Tiger Cubs

Caretakers at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio are carefully monitoring the progress of two male Amur tiger cubs who were born to first-time mom Mara in late June. The cubs, which are members of an endangered species, are being hand-reared together for companionship and socialization. — Read it at Zooborns