Oct. 27, 2016: We’ve scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it’s all right here.

Gov. Mike Pence and his wife, Karen, are mourning the loss of their Beagle, Maverick.

Mike Pence’s Beagle Dies

As he flies around the country holding rallies in the final two weeks of the presidential campaign, Donald Trump’s running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, revealed he’s coping with some sad news back at home. His family’s Beagle, passed away on Tuesday. “Heavy hearts today. Our beagle of 13 years passed away quietly last night. Rest In Peace, Maverick. We will miss you,” he Tweeted Wednesday with a photo the senior dog snuggled between Pence and his wife, Karen. The family adopted Maverick from Virginia when he was 2 years old. They also have several other family pets, including a snake, a bunny and two cats, Oreo and Pickle. — Read it at the Indy Star

9 Puppies Rescued From Texas Roadside

A woman who found a cooler on the side of a road in Texas Friday was shocked when she opened it and found nine puppies huddled inside. The Good Samaritan called the Hunts County Pets Alive rescue, which came and got the 4-week-old puppies. Amazingly, all nine puppies — five boys and four girls — survived and are recovering well. “They are eating great and playing,” said Dr. Karri McCreary of Vet Ranch. “They are fat little chunky puppies.” The pups are all now up for adoption through the rescue. — Read it at Inside Edition via Yahoo

Hero Dog Gets Released From Hospital

Things are looking better for Che, the Chow and Labrador mix who is credited with saving his owner from a fire that consumed the first floor of their Philadelphia home by lying on top of her and barking to alert neighbors. The 10-year-old dog’s owner remains hospitalized in critical care, but Che was released to her friend, who also agreed to take over the dog’s remaining treatment costs. The fire happened on Sunday, and veterinarians at the Center for Animal Referral and Emergency Services feared the senior dog wouldn’t survive. He suffered a setback on Monday, but was well enough to leave the clinic Tuesday. — Read it at Philly.com

A kitten is named Fender for the spot where he was found in a woman's car.

Firefighters Rescue Hiding Kitten

A feisty little kitten was finally found after a Florida woman stopped her car three times to investigate. The woman first noticed a stray kitten in her yard in the morning, and then heard what she thought were cries coming from the engine compartment of her car. She pulled over to check, but didn’t see anything. She heard it again while sitting in traffic, so she stopped at a Tarpon Springs fire station, but firefighters didn’t see anything either. But when she started to drive away, she heard the sneaky kitten again, and turned around. The firefighters heard it, too, and removed a wheel and part of the wheel liner — and found the stowaway inside the fender well. The grateful woman took the kitten in and named him Fender. She thanked the firefighters on Facebook and said their little rescue is doing well. — Read it at Florida’s Fox News 13

Former Puppy Mill Dog Goes Toy Shopping

Katarina, a 10-year-old Yorkshire Terrier who spent her entire life in a cage at a puppy mill, just discovered one of the joys of life after being rescued: visiting a pet supply store. In an adorable video shared by Mississippi’s Hub City Humane Society, the excited dog hops in and out of toy bins in disbelief at all of the choices. Katarina is in a happy foster home for three months while she’s being treated for heartworm disease, gets dental treatment and is spayed. The rescue is looking for a loving foster home for an older male Maltese, too, who came from the same puppy mill. — Watch it at People Pets