Ask any Pit Bull enthusiast and they will tell you: Pitties are sweet, loving dogs. Unfortunately, it's hard to get that message across to people who assume Pit Bulls are all vicious fighters who want to eat their children. So how can Pit Bull owners show their pups' softer side?

By dressing them up in tutus and posting their photos on Instagram —with the hashtag #pitbullsintutus, of course.

Pit Bulls in Tutus was started by three friends who are all devoted to their bully breed dogs. Their mission: "To promote a positive image for all breeds through education and awareness and to encourage adoption and rescue by growing a network of advocates and supporters." Their plan: Gather photos of dogs (and the occasional cat) wearing tutus — because there's nothing scary about a dog in a tutu, no matter what the breed.

The Pit Bulls in Tutus Instagram feed isn't just photos of Pitties, though — the dogs featured are all breeds in need of a little love and some good PR. Many of the dogs are available for adoption (at least, at the time they are photographed), while others have found their forever home (complete with tutu). The photos are whimsical and charming, and the dogs will steal your heart. Because that's what Pit Bulls do.

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