A baby common hippo at the Whipsnade Zoo in the U.K.

A 5-week-old common hippo made its debut in the big pool at London’s Whipsnade Zoo earlier this month.

Born on Dec. 11 to mom Lola and dad Hoover, officials believe the calf is a girl, but they haven’t been able to confirm that just yet.

One of her favorite pastimes is nibbling on her mom’s ear and cuddling with her in their den.

The calf was a little tentative when she first arrived at the water’s edge as she met the public, but she quickly began exploring, waddling around and blowing bubbles.

“She’s extremely playful and inquisitive and loves nothing more than watching what’s going on around her,” said keeper Steve White. “She was standing and suckling just an hour after she was born, and mum’s been doing a brilliant job really helping her to thrive.”

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