The Prague Zoological Gardens recently introduced to the world three adorable new arrivals to its reindeer herd. The first was born last month, on Friday the 13th, with the second making her entrance three days later. The third was born earlier this month in the exhibit, surprising and delighting zoo visitors.

The babies are on exhibit at Zoo Praha and so far have stuck very close to their mothers, although, as you'll see in the photos below, they're also already running, jumping, and getting stronger every day.

Reindeer, or caribou as they're typically called in North America, are natives of the far northern reaches of the Arctic — not surprising considering we all know where Santa lives, right? You might notice that they have large, flat hooves, and that's no accident. Reindeer use their hooves to dig through snow for food and to paddle through lakes and rivers, according to National Geographic Kids. That must be a brisk swim!

Considering how incredibly cute these reindeer calves are, we're feeling a little bit like it's Christmas in May here at Crittr. Just try looking at these sweeties without smiling!