Rub a Belly Poster

Remember those public service announcements that plastered your grade school walls, extolling the virtues of not smoking and “just saying no” to other unhealthy activities?

Honestly, neither do I. And it may have something to do with their general lack of artistic flair.

They certainly didn’t have the panache of the clever PSA Pet Care Series from the Brooklyn-based team of Jed Dore and Karen Brazell at Ink + Sword, whose prints feature smart messages for canines and felines, like “Flowers Charm. Some May Harm. Choose Pet Safe Plants” and “Leash the One You Love,” depicting a Dachshund with delightfully squiggly ears.

"The PSAs derived from our love and devotion to animals, and a fondness for 1950s era public service ads and 1940s WPA posters," says Dore, who has three cats, including one with a spit of a tail named Moo. "We've been donating prints to various animal shelters and rescues, as we especially like seeing how much they help get the message out about pet care."

As important as regular tooth brushing, dog licenses and spay/neuter procedures are for our furry companions, there’s another need that must be fulfilled daily — a message that will soon be gracing the walls of my own apartment: “Rub a Belly.”

"The 'Rub A Belly' drawing came from having one of those rough days, and coming home to that unconditional love a pet can give," says Dore. "They seem to know you need a lift when you're down, and how to make a good day even better."

Etsy; 5×7 prints from $10