If you're a tween, or the parent of a tween, or, really, just existing in a world inhabited by tweens, then you know about British boy band One Direction. You probably also know that One Direction has a new single out, Best Song Ever. And you may also know that when the video premiered on YouTube, it grabbed nearly 11 million views in the first 24 hours, setting a new one-day record.


So what does that have to do with animals? Well, nothing, except for this: Pet Collective's Pup Direction (an all-dog band, of course) has released their own take on the 1D's Best Day Ever, titled Best Dog Ever. (Get it???) The video promotes shelter adoptions and features appearances by some adorable pups looking for forever homes — and while it may not get milions of views, we're sure that it will inspire at least a few people to start looking for their own Best Dog Ever. (Be sure to watch the behind-the-scenes footage, too, to get the scoop on the shelter dogs who appear in the video.)