As far as we're concerned, Jermaine Paul had some stiff competition on last night's finale of The Voice. And no, we don't mean runner-up Juliet Simms.

Purrfect the Cat scooped up an enviable amount of screen time during the final episode of the season. Cee Lo Green's rented white Persian has been a purring point of contention among the judges all season, and Blake Shelton and Adam Levine didn't hold back their true emotions: They can't stand the animal. Blake joked that the cat once pooped in his seat, and Adam performed an unflattering impression of Purrfect, accusing him of abusing drugs.

But judge Christina Aguilera came to the cat's rescue. "He has been such a motivation and support system for Cee Lo," she said, singing the feline's praises.

And in a moment reminiscent of Austin Powers' Dr. Evil and his villainous feline sidekick, Mr. Bigglesworth, Cee Lo stroked Purrfect and threatened, "Christina, Adam and Blake, I must warn you: I wouldn't mess around with Team Redzone if I were you. I mean, it's not like you have nine lives."

We hope to see Purrfect back for season three, though it looks like he's already gearing up for a busy off-season. With Cee Lo's help, he released a remix of the Meow Mix jingle last week. And perhaps his appearances on The Voice will open some more Hollywood doors for the former shelter cat. After all, this has been a big break for the kitty, who is represented by a Hollywood agency that rents out animal talent.

Check out our Q&A with Purrfect's real owner, and tell us: If your pet could be featured on a television show, which one would it be?