There are a lot of great things about Super Bowl Sunday, including (but not limited to) the actual football game, but our absolute favorite part of this national tradition is Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl. Because what could be more adorable than puppies playing football?

Kittens performing the halftime show? Well, yes. A bird live-tweeting the play-by-play? Sure.

How about hedgehog cheerleaders? Yes, you heard right: This year's Puppy Bowl will include hedgehogs. As cheerleaders.

We are dying from the cute.

The hedgehogs will be on the sidelines, cheering on their favorite puppies, we assume with some tightly choreographed routines. Or maybe they'll just curl up into prickly little balls. Like pom poms!

We can't wait.

The Puppy Bowl is about more than cute critters, though. According to Animal Planet, "All of the animals featured in Puppy Bowl IX come from shelters and rescue organizations across the United States and even Puerto Rico." Viewers who would like to adopt a pet of their own are encouraged to visit Petfinder.com for information about animals available in their area. We can't guarantee that there will be a hedgehog up for adoption, though, although you never know.

Can't wait for Super Bowl Sunday to get your cute fix? We hear you. Fortunately, Animal Planet's live, round-the-clock Puppy Cam launches Saturday, January 19, on AnimalPlanet.com. But you'll have to wait for the big game to see the hedgehogs.

Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl IX will air on Sunday, February 3 from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. EST.