The L.A. Zoo's first okapi calf is now 3 months old and galloping around his enclosure with his mom.

Also known as a “forest giraffe,” an okapi calf recently made his debut at the Los Angeles Zoo.

The baby was born on Aug. 26, and has been bonding behind the scenes with his mom, Baraka.

Both Baraka and the calf’s dad, Jamal, are first-time parents.

The shy, secretive okapi has striped legs that look similar to a zebra, but its closest relative is actually the giraffe. The species is found in central Africa, and its numbers have been dwindling. It was added to the endangered species list by the International Union for Conservation of Nature late last month.  

“This long-awaited birth is particularly special because it's the first okapi we've ever had born here at the zoo,” said director John Lewis. “Being able to have a species like this breed in our zoo is a real testament to the hard work of the staff and their dedication to okapi conservation.”

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