Rare African elephant twins were born recently to mom Curve at the Pongola Game Reserve in South Africa.

A privately owned reserve in South Africa reported the extremely rare birth of African elephant twins Friday. The calves were born to 31-year-old mom Curve, who’s named for the curve in one of her tusks. Officials at Pongola Game Reserve believe the father was Ingani, who died about a year ago at age 44. (African elephants have a gestation period of about two years.) Research has found there’s less than 1 percent chance of twinning in elephants — and sadly, they face a high mortality rate as their demand for milk increases. But there have been instances of twins who’ve survived at Kruger National Park, where females in the herd helped nurse the babies. Pongola officials are trying to give Curve the space she needs to give her babies a fighting chance. “Curve needs a stress-free environment to beat the odds,” said elephant specialist Dr. Ian Whyte. Reserve spokesman Donoven Gloy told The Dodo, “the reaction here has been great … everyone has been very positive,” and said the newborns appear well nourished. — Read it from South Africa’s Pongola Game Reserve