As if penguins weren't cute enough in their black and white formal wear, wait until you see this: A nearly-albino penguin was caught on camera on January 9 by guests aboard the National Geographic Explorer at the Aitcho Islands in Antarctica. On the video, naturalist David Stephens explains that the unusual chinstrap penguin is not fully albino but leucistic because it has a faint pattern.

"It's something we hardly ever get to witness," Stephens says on the video.

Worried about how this blond penguin fares in the wild? Don't be. On his blog for National Geographic, Stephens writes that while the penguin's pale coloring might make fishing more difficult, leucistic birds are regularly found breeding.

With Penguin Awareness Day coming up this Friday, January 20, this leucistic guy is another reason to celebrate our tuxedoed (or not quite tuxedoed) friends.