In honor of July 4th we recognize three animals that represent each of the colors on the American flag. The red panda, white rhinoceros and blue-footed booby have unique physical traits that will catch your eye this Independence Day.

Red panda

Although the red panda is an endangered species, their thick red coat keeps them visible and vibrant to the public eye. Just recently, Rusty the red panda escaped from the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. Fortunately he was found soon after, and just in time to display his fiery red fur for the Fourth of July. Rusty is doing great, according to the National Zoo.

White rhino

The white rhinoceros is an endangered species native to Africa. Although the lightest shades appear white, these large herbivores are actually different shades of gray. In fact, its colorful name has nothing to do with the animal's coloring: "white" is a mistranslation from Dutch to English of the Dutch word wijd, which means "wide." The white rhinoceros has a wide mouth with squared lips and a large head used for grazing close to the ground.

Blue-footed booby

Appropriately named, the Blue Footed Booby uses his bright blue feet as a mating call for prospective female partners. Yet, there’s more to these blue feet than what meets the eye.These birds also use their webbed feet to cover and protect their young.