Thanks to the folks at Big Cat Rescue in Florida, two feisty bobcats have been treated and released into their natural habitat.

Staff, volunteers and spectators were on hand to watch as they were let go into a 5,000-acre expanse in Florida in the spring, and now BCR has documented their story in a YouTube video (below).

Gator was about 3 months old when he was found by a dog on a family’s 4,000-acre ranch in Gainesville, Fla. Named for the University of Florida’s Gators, the emaciated and dehydrated kitten was brought to BCR for treatment.

About six weeks later, he was joined by 4-month-old Copter. The kitten had been found under a house on Captiva Island and was flown by helicopter to a nearby rehab facility. He was later transferred to BCR to be with Gator.

When they were deemed ready for the wild, the duo was taken in special carriers to the release site.

Gator couldn’t wait to get going, and shot out of his crate like lightning, bounding off to the forest. Copter, however, took quite a big more coaxing. Finally, after the team brought his carrier closer to the cover of the trees, he leapt out and took off.

But their rescuers think the two will stick together — some volunteers said they saw Copter’s buddy, Gator, waiting for him by the tree line.