Annie Hart gets kisses from a thankful Layla during her rescue on a Los Angeles street.

Usually, the hardest part of helping a homeless dog is finding them, rescuing them and getting them to the vet for treatment. But for Layla, a sweet Poodle saved from the streets of Los Angeles by Annie Hart of Rescue From the Hart and Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws, that was only the beginning. The rescuers got a call telling them the young dog had been abandoned and then hit by a car. She seemed scared and hurt as Hart approached her, but a rescue video shows she was grateful for the help as she showered a tearful Hart with kisses. Her dedicated fosters have been spending hours each day visiting Layla as she tries to recover from intestinal damage, and now an ultrasound shows that she needs an expensive and intense surgery to survive. Rescue From the Hart is raising money for the surgery. — Follow her progress at Rescue From the Hart
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