When 6-year-old Leo was just a toddler, doctors discovered that he suffers from multiple brain aneurysms that cause seizures. During his extensive stays at the hospital, the kindergartner fell in love with the therapy dogs who were brought in to comfort sick children there.

So his mother Yasmine found Leo a canine best friend: A rescue dog named Henry, saved from a shelter's "kill list." The dog was never trained to detect Leo's seizures, but he started reacting to the chemical scents that the boy's body released right before they happened. Somehow, Henry knows to alert Yasmine before a seizure, and then stays by Leo's side during the episode.

"It has helped Leo so much to just recover from all of these hospital visits and these pokings and proddings, and concentrate more on being a little boy, and being a little boy with his dog," Yasmine says. "They have a connection deeper than I could have ever imagined."

Watch this inspiring video from The Pet Collective to hear more of Leo and Henry's story.https://youtu.be/kQJ6OWvvsSg