Shake by Carli Davidson


When a dog gets out of the water, one of the first things he does is shake. In just a second or two, water sprays everywhere, and then the moment ends.

Now imagine if you could watch your dog shaking in slow motion. Think of your pup’s floppy ears, loose jowls and bulging eyes. What would it look like? Well, photographer Carli Davidson set out to capture just that in her new book, Shake.

In 2010, Davidson started using a high-speed-shutter camera to photograph rescue dogs in mid-shake. When she posted the photos on Facebook, they quickly went viral. The project’s popularity led her to this book, in which two photos of 61 canine models, including French Bulldogs, Springer Spaniels and Boxers, are presented side by side in mid-shake.

Check out our photo gallery featuring some of our favorite shakes from the book, and don’t be afraid to post photos on our Facebook wall of your dog shaking. We know it will be a challenge, but it will be worth it!


If those photos weren’t cute enough, check out this video of the dog models shaking in slow motion.

SHAKE from Variable on Vimeo.