Mervis paw diamond engagement ring

If you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring to pop the question to the dog lover in your life, we’ve sniffed it out for you.

The Washington, D.C., area’s Mervis Diamond Importers has a custom-made bridal set in the shape of a dog paw.

The engagement ring itself is an upside-down heart-shaped diamond, and the set comes with a wedding ring that fits over the heart with four oval shaped diamonds. The result looks just like your furry friend’s foot.

The piece was first created several years ago, and “we have people asking us to remake it all the time,” said Hailey Robbins of Mervis.

'Paw Print Official'

The ring was originally made for a customer who wanted to honor the “children” he and his girlfriend had together — rescue dogs Yogi and Tila — when he proposed.

“Well our thing is if anything in life is cute, awesome, and or extremely fun it’s paw print official meaning it gets the stamp of a paw print,” the man said in a letter to the designer.

“We grab the front paw of one of our dogs, make the stamp action with it and say ‘BAM, PAW PRINT OFFICIAL!’ Whenever I send her letters from Afghanistan, I always draw the little paw print in the corner too," he wrote. "With this ring, it’s going to show her that I want to put the official stamp on our love.”

Mervis paw diamond

Because this is a custom piece, it can be made from any metal, carat weight or stone. And you can make it even more special by engraving the inside with your own pup’s name.

A version of the ring will be on display this weekend at the Mervis Diamonds in the RUFF trunk show, where the jeweler will have dogs up for adoption and a percentage of all sales will be donated to Homeward Trails Animal Rescue. The family-owned business has three locations, in Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland.

Prices start at around $6,000. Contact Mervis Diamond Importers for more information.