Shelter dog selfie

The dogs at the U.K.’s Battersea Dogs & Cats Home are taking the search for a new home into their own paws.

The pups are taking advantage of the Internet trend of taking “selfies” to draw attention to their unique personalities and catch the eye of potential owners online.

Selfies are pictures people (or cats) usually take of themselves, often with a smartphone, and uploaded to Facebook or other social media sites. The dogs are using an iPhone for theirs!

“Sharing selfies online is all the rage and our dogs are tapping into this trend,” says Rob Young, the shelter’s dog adoption manager. “Their photos are very cute and it’s a great way to promote our dogs and help them find a second chance.”

Justine, pictured above, is one of 400 dogs at Battersea who are looking for a home. The 2-year-old pooch is “hoping her perfectly posed picture will be a big hit on social media,” according to her description.

We’re sure it will be!

Check out more of the dogs’ adorable photos on Battersea’s site.