An Arkansas truck driver was passing through Kansas City, Missouri, recently when he had to be admitted to a local hospital for an emergency.

He was picked up by an ambulance, but there was someone else in his truck who needed care, too: his beloved canine companion, Coco.

Coco had been riding in the passenger’s seat with the man since she was just 8 weeks old. Animal control picked her up and brought her to the KC Pet Project.

When the truck driver learned that he would be in the hospital until the end of the month, he called the shelter to arrange a solution.

“Coco was obviously missing her daddy, so our staff went to work to figure out a solution for the gentleman,” the group said in a Facebook post on Saturday. Soon, they had a plan. One of their boarding facility partners agreed to let Coco stay there at a reduced rate, and staff members and volunteers have chipped in to help cover the cost.

But, this might be our favorite part of the story: Staff member Stephanie Bell drove Coco to the hospital so she and her owner could spend some quality time together before Coco heads to the boarding facility.

If you’re interested in helping cover Coco’s boarding costs, you can make a donation to the KC Pet Project and write "Coco" in the comments section of the donation form.

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